What we do


Sarasota Audio Video Engineering

Our engineering process begins with an understanding of the potential client in which we are meeting. We will obtain a full understanding of the customer’s goals.  We encourage our clients to articulate exactly what they envision. 

The next step is to brainstorm together. We give you information about relevant technology and work together to create a solution.  Once we have a clear understanding of what you desire and you have a clear understanding of relevant technologies, we then begin to look at specific products.

The product selection and placement portion of the engineering process is the next step.  Our team will work to understand all aspects of the space.  This includes acoustical analysis, electrical analysis, and product placement options.  Some of our clients like to be very involved in this portion of the engineering process and others do not.  Whatever makes our customer feel most comfortable is the direction that we will take.

Knowing when to use technology is a very important component of a successfully engineered system.  Our team knows advanced technology and is continuously aware of the newest products on the market.  Our job is to understand what products provide value to our customers and filter out the products that do not deliver value.

Custom Installation

Sarasota Audio Video Custom Installation

Being respectful of your space is our first concern. Your home or business is very important to you and it is our duty to respect your space. We are guests and are cognizant of that at all times. 

 Our teams maintain a clean work space and abide by a ‘no waste products left behind’ policy.  We also understand the value of our customer’s time.  If we say we are going to be there at a certain time, we will be there.

Our installation teams bring a wealth of knowledge to the site.  Countless years of experience arrive at each of customer’s locations.  Many of our employees are trained in numerous areas of the technology industry, so each of our teams has the ability to address the entire spectrum of technology.



Engineering a successful technology system is more like an art than engineering. Putting the pieces of the  puzzle together in a way that makes sense to the end user is the basis of any system. We design systems from the bottom up ans opposed to the top down. 

We need to think like the end user and create an interface that intuitively matches their personality and expectations. Colors, patterns, paths, and layout are some of the components that come into play. 

Sarasota Audio Video are experts in home automation engineering and home automation design. Rest assured that your end experience will exceed your expectations!


Sarasota Audio Video and Home Automation

Customer Training

Before our team leaves any site, we thoroughly train our customer on how to control their new technology system. Our systems are very user friendly but we recognize that technology can take time to understand.  If you have any questions after our team leaves, we are only a phone call away and are more than happy to help.

Employee Training

at Sarasota AV, we realize that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.  Each employee receives specific training on their core job function and also receive additional training in other areas. 

We offer regular training sessions through our company, schedule vendor training sessions, give our employee’s free access to trade journals, and are always open to ideas that our employees bring forward. Our focus on training equates to a happier employee, excellent employee retention, and a better end result for our customers.


Technical Support

Sarasota Audio Video TV Installation

Always Available

We know how frustrating it can be when technology isn’t working correctly. Having the standard 9 to 5 support center is not a realistic support solution in the technology industry. 

We know our clients absolutely need to have someone available they can call that will resolve their issue promptly.

Our Promise

That’s why our promise is to have technical support available 24/7 to all of our customers. We offer custom service packages for every customer in any situation. No two systems are alike, so having a custom service package for each customer is important. If you are having an issue on your current system or would like to learn more about our technical support, please call us at


Warranty Repair

Sarasota Audio Video Repair

Warranty Repair

Sarasota AV honors all manufacturer’s warranties. If there is an issue with a piece of equipment, let us know and we will get you a replacement.

All labor receives a one year warranty from the date of job completion. If any issues arise we are available to assess and correct it.

Professional Service

Proper equipment maintenance is often overlooked.  If you already have a system in your home/business, we are trained to assess it and recommend necessary maintenance.

Equipment requires regular cleaning to insure that clean air is entering the system.  Software and firmware updates need to be performed on a regular basis so that the technology system is current. 

Our team will visit your location free of charge and perform a free system analysis. Let us help you maximize the performance of your technology system.