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We place great focus on staying current with video display technology. Our team is constantly seeking out the newest technologies. 

At Sarasota Audio Video, we offer cutting edge video display solutions that provide our customers comfort in knowing that their video display system will have the longest possible lifespan coupled with the optimal viewing resolution. 

We are experts in flat screen, smart TV installation and mobile connectivity. We can integrate your video into a single app home control solution that provides the ability to connect to an array of mobile devices and other areas of home automation.  

Our large screen and projection TV installation team is highly trained in proper installation techniques and construction practices. We are seasoned professionals and will install/mount your new TV sagely and securely.   We will always select the right mount to suit your needs.  Call Sarasota AV at 941-806-5899 and we will get the job done right! 

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You just went out and bought a 48-70 inch curved or flat screen TV with 4K resolution and can’t wait to view the amazing video display quality, right? 

Now you simply have to figure out a way to get the TV mounted on the wall.  This can be a daunting task, especially if you are trying to do it yourself!  Let us take care of it for you. 

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