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Wireless Networks and Access Points 

Wireless connectivity presents unique challenges when it comes to designing, securing, and managing home networks.  Your wireless network keeps your home connected, but an unsecured connection can create problems. 

At Sarasota Audio Video, our expertise in wireless network installation for homes and businesses will ensure your network is secure and seamlessly integrated into your technology and entertainment systems.  Our capabilities include modem, router and firewall configuration that will keep your network secure.  Our qualified technicians specialize in complete home automation and communications integration and programming.  

Our team has many years of experience creating secure and effective connections among various applications, mobile device platforms and Windows and MAC operating systems.  Your laptops, tablets and mobile devices are a source of command and control for all of your integrated home technologies. We ensure your devices securely connect to all wireless access points available in your environment, providing the best possible speeds and coverage.  

We also employ wireless bridges as required to connect buildings that are within line of sight of each other.  While some environments allow for a communications cable between buildings; other times that may not be an option.  A wireless bridge connection brings separate buildings together as one. 

Wired Network Cabling and Racks

One of the most important investments our clients make in their total home automation solutions is also the backbone of the entire system, a dedicated equipment rack and meticulous wiring structure.  

Sarasota Audion Video takes great care in engineering and installing all types of communications cabling, including CAT5/6 Ethernet, coaxial cable, audio, video and security system wiring.  Proper cable types, lengths, labeling and color coding of all wires is of critical importance.  

We are experts in all types of cabling and structured wiring for homes and businesses.  Our focus on rack equipment and wireless access node placement are just a few of the ways we ensure the success of your entire home automation system. 

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Our equipment racks house the brains of your home’s entire technology and entertainment system.  

Rack placement, proper wire management and appropriately placed wireless access points are how communication to all of your devices occurs and ensures a seamless user experience.   

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